Perfect for special memory photographs, whether your pup adorns your holiday cards for you or poses for a portrait with you. (Some collars may have complementary human necklaces available for separate purchase.)  Size L

Collar not for regular wear/use. May have components that are delicate &/or unsafe to be left on a dog unsupervised.


Please note that vintage components may be frail, show wear, or have other flaws as a result of their age / previous experiences; this is part of the risk of owning and wearing vintage items. Please note that stone and crystal components tend to be fragile & may have inner or outer inclusions, abrasions, cracks, pits, or holes; this is part of the nature of using these materials in jewelry. Hand-painted works may be imperfect since their creators also are. If you have any questions or concerns, send us a note with your questions before purchasing. 

Gold velvet collar w/sparkling vintage brooch-pendant


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