Privacy Policy

Wear Your Joys does not sell your information. We use it to provide items and/or information to you that you implicitly or explicitly request unless otherwise instructed by you.  If at any time you no longer wish to be in communication with us, simply send us an email notifying us of that fact and your information will be removed from our contact database.

Innovate Returns Policy

After we confirm a return has been received per the below-outlined General policy, we will ask for the customer's choice from the two options below:

1: A store credit for the sale price plus 10%! (Yes, this means you get extra value for free!)


2: A refund for the sale price.

Shipping/handling/insurance are not considered part of the sale price so are not part of the refund/credit.

Considerations before Purchasing:

Please keep in mind that photographs cannot represent the exact size or color of merchandise on a website, so please email or PM us if you would like specifics before purchasing. Please note that hand-painted and hand-created works may be imperfect since their creators also are. Please note that vintage components may be frail, show wear, or have other flaws as a result of their age / previous experiences; this is part of the risk of owning and wearing vintage items. Please note that stone and quartz/crystal components tend to be fragile and may have inner or outer inclusions, abrasions, cracks, pits, or holes; this is part of the nature of these materials, and of using these materials in jewelry. If you have any questions or concerns, send us a note with your questions before purchasing.

Returns General Policy:
Items to be returned must be sent back to us within 3 days of your receipt, via UPS, USPS, or FedEx with tracking/proof of delivery to us, and must arrive to us in unused, unworn, undamaged condition. Shipping, handling, insurance, tracking, proof of delivery, etc., are the customer's responsibility.

Special Notes:
We reserve the right to protect ourselves from abuse and other illegal and unethical actions, as well as the right to refuse service and sales to anyone at any time for any reason. This right of refusal includes the right to discontinue refunds and/or to discontinue return for credit offers if it appears that these or other policies are being taken advantage of.





Intellectual Property & Copyrights:

By perusing the Wear Your Joys website and/or any of its social media, you agree to refrain from participating in any type whatsoever of intellectual or creative copyright breach, including but not limited to the following: You agree not to copy or reproduce any aspect of anything that has ever appeared on this website and/or been obtained from this website either directly or indirectly, whether for the personal, business, profit, or nonprofit use or gain for yourself or anyone else;  you also agree not to allow, ask, or instruct anyone else to do so for you; and you agree not to create electronic copies/media whether to keep for yourself or to share electronically, since so doing would increase your risk of being  involved in a breach of the rights these Terms & Conditions are intended to protect.

Responsible Shopping

In conducting business with Wear Your Joys, you agree to view and read all material associated with any product you wish to purchase, and to email us with any questions or concerns about said products before purchasing if you need clarification or more information.


By purchasing from Wear Your Joys you are agreeing to all Wear Your Joys policies.

Terms & Conditions

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